Saturday, October 15, 2016

I was scrolling thru Facebook one day when I saw a post on Bullet Journaling. I had no idea what it was but was curious so I did some research and immediately fell in love with the thought of this new way of organizing my life. I started my very own BuJo the next week and haven't looked back since. 
I have always been a note taker, a to-do list maker & a calendar / planner kind of person. The Bullet Journal mixes all of the above along with some creativity (it is like it was created just for me!!!)
I started in a cheap 3 dollar grid notebook I found in the Target dollar spot section and have gotten better over the months. I am looking to upgrade to an L1917 B5 soon as my current bujo is running low on empty pages.
I prefer to "pretty my pages up" with stickers, stencils, pretty pens colors and washi tape however that is defiantly not required.
I have had a lot of people ask me along the way "what is a Bullet Journal?"
what makes it so hard to explain is that it can be what you want it to be. I do monthly spreads so that I can see the month at a glance, weekly spreads that are broke down by the day so I know exactly what the week holds for me and I also keep up with our bills / budget on 1 page, my Pure Romance inventory, 4-h information for fundraisers we have going etc.
since starting my BuJo I have also fallen in love with 2 other types of journaling that I will discuss further in future post.

do you Bullet Journal?
how do you answer the question "what is it?"
I would love to know!!!

Much Love,
Melinda Eason

Friday, October 7, 2016

heath notice - your allergies and how it impacts your sex life

I have been doing a lot of research and studying on how everyday items can impact your sex drive and your body's ability to produce enough lubrication.
todays topic is the dreaded allergies. here in East Texas they have hit with a powerful punch again. most of us reach for an OTC (over the counter) medication to help with the running nose, sneezing and other annoying issues that come with allergies.
for most these meds do a wonderful job with helping dry up the nasal cavities but did you know that it also dries up your other orifices (ie. your vaginal opening) which can make sex very painful and even dangerous!
females: have you ever urinated after sex and it burn some? that pain is from tiny tares in the vaginal canal caused from friction (not enough lubrication) these tiny tares can lead to infections (just like cuts on any part of your body) I personally don't want an infection anywhere on my body but defiantly not in my girl parts!!!
so how do you prevent this while still taking meds for your allergies??? don't worry there is a way to still enjoy sex and have some relief from the sneezing, itchy watery eyes and the runny nose!
it is a GOOD quality lubrication. I strongly suggest Just Like Me as it is a 24 hour water based lubricant. however there are many options so I suggest you find one that works best for you and use it every time you engage in any sexual activity (be it with a partner or self masturbation)
if you are looking to invest in some lubrication for the 1st time, need to reorder some or if you are wanting to find a new lubrication I would be happy to help you find the one that is right for you!!
you can see what Pure Romance offers at
or feel free to call or text me to discuss at 903-721-9671

Much Love,
Melinda Eason

* disclaimer - I am not a nurse or doctor and all research done is thru accredited sites and books. please seek medical advise from your doctor or gynecologist if you have any pain or questions regarding your sexual health.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

the dreaded sickness

Who else was excited about getting back into a regular routine after Christmas, New Years & kids going back to school? I know I was!!! don't get me wrong - I love the holidays and the time spent with my kids but I am a very routine kind of person so I am always glad to get my house back in order and our routine back on track after the start of the new year.
We were just about there again (my oldest headed back to school last week) and my 3 year old was starting to get back in the groove of his mamma's OCD ways when I got "that" phone call from the school on Monday. you know the one I am talking about... the one from the school nurse saying that your child needs to be picked up ASAP because they are sick :(
My son was running a 101 fever and did not feel good! so off to school I went to pick him up and prevent all of the other kids at school from getting the same mess. I got him home and sent him straight to his room to prevent the spread of germs in the house. Tuesday morning rolls around and he had a sore throat to go with the 101 fever. a trip to Urgent Care and a diagnosis of Strep Throat - now I am REALLY worried about the germs in the house. Back home we went after picking up his prescriptions and back to his room he went. I am glad to report he is now starting to feel better (but only after i have managed to come down with it too!) I have always taught my children to share but I think I should have been more specific about not sharing EVERYTHING!! ;)
If you look on the south end of town and see a huge fog area don't be alarmed... it is just the gallons of Lysol I have sprayed in the last 3 days! speaking of which it is time to go spray some more!!
I hope you and yours are staying healthy and have managed to fight off all of the bugs that are going around right now!

Love Always & Many Blessings,
Melinda Eason

Thursday, January 7, 2016

DIY scratch offs & goody bags for a home based buisness

as I have mentioned I am a Pure Romance consultant & I love it!!! As with any home based business getting home parties booked is VERY important. I know that handing a business card to a random person in the store usually leads to it going into the trash can (something I have been guilty of myself) so I needed something that people would hold on to.
after talking to some fellow PR consultants I found out that they pass out goody bags instead of just a business card. An idea that I LOVE.
since then I have made these for several holidays and worked on Valentines Day bags today. With the Pure Romance business Valentines Day is one of the biggest times of the year. Because it is still the start of January the stores don't have out Valentines Day goody bags yet but I wanted to get started handing them out right away! I found pink treat bags at the Dollar General and some really cute stickers to dress them up at Walmart. so far it is $1.97 invested for 25 goody bags.
Step 5:
next I decorated the bags up with a couple of stickers so it has the V-day feel.
Step 6:
In my goody bags I include a business card, 2 packages of smarties, a cute little saying (it incorporates the smarties) and this time I made scratch offs. directions for those are following.
Next I added all of the items to the decorated bag & sealed them with some cute washi tape I bought on clearance.
they are ready to hand out to every women I see that is 18 & over.

I love them having the candy in them because if she has kids with her she can give it to the kids while she looks at the other items. if she doesn't have kids with her then she can enjoy it for herself! :)
Since I am always looking for ways to save money I load up on seasonal items such as goody bags, stickers, cards etc. at the end of each holiday. the only thing better then 20 bags for $1.00 is 20 bags for $.50 - every little bit helps if you ask me!

For the scratch offs I designed them on the computer and printed them off on cardstock. you can use the Avery business cards for this but they are a lot more expensive. I prefer the extra work and getting all of the savings I can. again every little bit helps.
Step 1:
I printed 6 per page and wrote in the different things that can be won. (sorry for the sideways picture - my phone camera gets a mind of its own sometimes!) what you offer is totally up to you and will vary depending on what you sell.
I then added plain tape to the wrote in area (this is where they scratch and why it will scratch off correctly)
Next I pulled out my paper cutter and with the help of my 3 year old I cut them into separate pieces
Step 2:
after they are all cut you mix 1 part dish soap & 2 parts acrylic paint - any color works but I used pink as that is PR's signature color.
Step 3:
again I had the help and supervision on my 3 year old. (can we all just take a moment to admire how stinking cute he is? - sorry proud Momma moment there)
next is painting over the wording - this will be where the customer scratches the "ticket" to see what they won.
Step 3:
set them aside and let them dry. they may require 2 or 3 coats of the paint / soap mixture depending on what color you use & how dark you write the words. just a little hint is to not write in marker or anything that will bleed thru the paper.... it kind of ruins the excitement of scratching it if they can already see it thru the other side ;)
that is it. easy peasy!
add them to the goodie bags or use them as prizes at your home parties when someone wins a game.
I hope you enjoyed the post & that it will help you in your business.
also just a side note - these can also be made for save the dates, love notes for your significant other or cute V-day cards to make for your kids to pass out to their friends. the sky is the limit for options.
feel free to ask any questions below if I wasn't completely clear on anything.
also if you make goody bags for your business what do you put in yours?

Much Love,
Melinda Eason
O'Me O'My Crazy Life

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! welcome to 2016 and the start of my New Years Resolutions

I have set it in my mind that for 2016 I will declutter my house, start the Dave Ramsey "Get Out of Debt System" & really work my Pure Romance business.
The 1st step in the Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps to Getting Out of Debt is saving $1000.00 for an emergency fund. Easier said then done!! We suddenly went from a 2 income house to a 1 income house in September of 2015 which meant money got tight! Since it is so tight just to make ends meet pulling from my husband's paycheck isn't really an option right no so I had to get creative.
I dug all of the change out of my purse, the couch cushions, the top of the dryer in the laundry room & both vehicles which totaled up to $37.05 - awe a start! no matter how small it is a stop in the right direction.
Next after some thinking I decided that since I want / need to declutter the house I can put the money made from selling items towards that glorious $1000.00 goal. Kill 2 birds with one stone, I think so?!?!? I started digging thru stuff, finding the items we no longer need or use, taking pictures of it & posting the items on local Facebook pages. So far I have made $23.00 - still a long way to go but again I am a little closer and also have gotten rid of a few things along the way.
I will be opening a savings account soon to deposit all of this into for 2 reasons... # 1 is that it can start drawing interest right away and # 2 is so I cant spend it (I know me all to well!)
Since my other goal for 2016 is to really build my Pure Romance business I have put business cards in every item I have sold while decluttering. I am a busy mom so I am all about multitasking - earn money, promote my business AND get rid of unneeded stuff = AWESOME SAUCE!!! :)

What are your goals for 2016?
Any ideas or tips to save the $1000.00 needed to complete step 1?
I would love to hear them!

Love Always,
Melinda Eason
O'me O'my Crazy Life