Wednesday, January 13, 2016

the dreaded sickness

Who else was excited about getting back into a regular routine after Christmas, New Years & kids going back to school? I know I was!!! don't get me wrong - I love the holidays and the time spent with my kids but I am a very routine kind of person so I am always glad to get my house back in order and our routine back on track after the start of the new year.
We were just about there again (my oldest headed back to school last week) and my 3 year old was starting to get back in the groove of his mamma's OCD ways when I got "that" phone call from the school on Monday. you know the one I am talking about... the one from the school nurse saying that your child needs to be picked up ASAP because they are sick :(
My son was running a 101 fever and did not feel good! so off to school I went to pick him up and prevent all of the other kids at school from getting the same mess. I got him home and sent him straight to his room to prevent the spread of germs in the house. Tuesday morning rolls around and he had a sore throat to go with the 101 fever. a trip to Urgent Care and a diagnosis of Strep Throat - now I am REALLY worried about the germs in the house. Back home we went after picking up his prescriptions and back to his room he went. I am glad to report he is now starting to feel better (but only after i have managed to come down with it too!) I have always taught my children to share but I think I should have been more specific about not sharing EVERYTHING!! ;)
If you look on the south end of town and see a huge fog area don't be alarmed... it is just the gallons of Lysol I have sprayed in the last 3 days! speaking of which it is time to go spray some more!!
I hope you and yours are staying healthy and have managed to fight off all of the bugs that are going around right now!

Love Always & Many Blessings,
Melinda Eason

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