Friday, January 27, 2017

mom life and how i keep up thanks to my bullet journal

As a mom of 2 boys and 1 daughter, I stay busy just chasing them and keeping up with their daily activities (baseball, school & church functions and Girl Scout cookie sales; just to name a few) add in being a Pure Romance consultant (hard to call that a job when it is so much fun however the money says it is!! DOUBLE SCORE!) I am also a wife, a friend, a homemade card maker and I help take care of my mom too.
I have always been a list maker - like the kind of person that will add something I have already done to my to do list so that I can mark it off, kind of list maker.
The problem is I always made the list (to do list, grocery list etc) and then ran off and left it at home.
:(  and my memory is not good enough to remember what I needed when I get to the store and realize I left said list on my kitchen counter. (insert a few bad words here!!) j/k - well maybe.
so when I came across bullet journaling I was hooked! it is a calendar, to do list, stuff to buy list, event notes, business notes etc. all rolled into one beautiful pink notebook that I carry EVERYWHERE with me!!
I stalked Pintrest looking at ideas, tips and other people's beautiful work. I joined a BuJo (short for bullet journal) group on Facebook and stalked it and then jumped right in.
one thing I see repeatedly on the FB group and other blog post is "how do i get started?" well I have the answer for you.... are you ready? it is simple! JUST START! you will figure out what works for you and what doesn't as you go along!!
That is the great thing about BuJo - you make it what you need it to be. A lot of people use expensive notebooks and pens and decorate their bujo to extremes, which is totally okay. However a lot of people start in a cheap spiral notebook with a regular run of the mill Bic pen and keep it VERY basic and guess what?? that is totally okay too! awesome right???
Like I really don't know how i functioned before my bullet journal!
here are a few things I keep in mine:
* monthly calendar
* weekly to do list
* menu & grocery list (no more getting to the store without my list trying to remember if we need more sugar or not!)
* debit payoff tracker (I am doing the Dave Ramsey 7 baby step program and highly recommend it!)
* monthly budget (goes along with the above mentioned Dave Ramsey program)
* crafts I want to make & a need to buy list for those crafts
* kids birthday party notes (I love planning my kids bday parties!)
* Pure Romance inventory list
and a ton more!!

before the world or BuJo I kept this stuff on random pieces of paper or in different notebooks but would forget where I wrote what - and if it was on a random piece of paper chances were one of my kids would spill milk on it before I was done with the list anyways!! (mom problems) :)

Do you Bullet Journal? if so let me know what you LOVE most about it.

Much Love,
Melinda Eason
(Ome Omy crazy life)